About Our Angela’s Web site.

It would not surprise me at all, to find that all parents like us who have, out of the blue and without warning, suffered the all consuming loss of a beloved child, may approach the construction of memorial web sites like this encumbered by a mind overflowing with decades of beautiful memories, with at the same time deep emotion stirring all too familiar sorrows inherent to our unhappy state. 

Sad it is for us though, to feel this way about a love which brought so much joy of positive things - growing up, optimistic hopes and plans for our futures together; all things familiar to loving and committed parents - which now leads us in sorrow to gather together all that we may, in memory of that greatly loved soul for whom our deepest and most fervently heartfelt wish is that she would be here with us still; that all the un-chartable pain had never befallen us, and that our once happy little family would return to our former life.

Now, after nearly eight years have passed, we are looking again to the future of our family and Angela’s place in that future: she will always have her place, as will all the things we and our new generations can learn from her – must learn from her. Her legacy lies strongly in the hearts and minds of those who love her and who always will love her, and of those many whose lives she touched.  During her lifetime, Angela learned and accomplished so much about so many things; she loved to pass on her knowledge and understanding to others, for which she was well enabled by her gift of clear exposition. She loved to teach those things by which she was herself enthused, but teaching was just one of her innate talents. Her learning grew from being gifted with a powerful intellect, a quick, enquiring and retentive mind allied with considerable artistic and literary accomplishment, from possessing a simple joy of learning, a determined mastery of detail and desire to excel.

All of this was allied to an intense spiritual and emotional empathy with all things in the natural world. These elements of Angela’s character were clear for all to see from her earliest months and years. She also possessed, again evident from earliest times, an intuitive, instinctive feel for whatever engaged her mind, allied with formidable powers of concentration and mental energy. All of these things added up to a remarkable and fascinating personality – a window on the world for all the family, and for all who wished to share in Angela’s world.

All those elements of Angela’s personality are but half the picture. Angela was brought up a Christian. How much she may have been motivated by Christian ideals I am unable to say, but by her actions in regard to her fellow human beings, her kindness, selflessness, generosity and consideration, values bestowed without stint on all living things, Angela will be remembered as one of God’s special creations.





From the Greek word for "angel".

Full of spirit she is happy, modest and

independant and never follows the crowd.

.She is deeply Passionate.


Angela, the eldest of our three beautiful daughters, was loved and cherished from the moment she was born on Halloween night. She had huge blue eyes, blond hair and a wonderful smile that could melt any heart, as you will see in her baby photos. When Angela was nearly two, her sister Claire was born and was welcomed into our family, especially by her big sister. A special bond was immediate between them, they were always 'best friends' as well as sisters all through their childhood, teenage years and adulthood, Claire always said she never needed a best friend as she always had Angela. When Angela was four she won a competition to do some modelling for childrens' clothes and appeared in our local paper in an article. We also appeared together modelling hats which I include a couple of photo's in the album. She quickly established herself as a leader very early on in her life, and would happily organize all sorts of games & activities for her sisters, friends and groups of children who all seem to gravitate to be near her...we always knew where Angela was on beach holidays, we would just look for a large gathering of children and Angela would be in the middle showing them the best rock pools to 'fish' in to find all types of crabs, fish etc., explaining to them the importance of returning their catches to where they caught them after they had been in their buckets for a while. Angela was 7 years and Claire 5 years when their sister Julia was born. The novelty of a new baby soon wore off and many times I would resort to bribery to get them both to take turns to push Julia around the garden in her pram to keep her quite while I cooked the tea. - such happy days....


Angela & Claire playing in the garden


Angela developed a love of Natural History very early on in her life, she deeply felt all creatures, no matter how small, had their place on earth, and could not abide any cruelty to any living thing. She spent lots of time with her dad at the Natural History Museum, their favourite place, a home from home. Angela was always fascinated by the dinosaurs and by the age of 6 years had loads of books and models and knew of all the different species. She produced some wonderful drawings of different animals while still in infant school, some of these are copied in her 'early art' file, and more of Angela's sketches, Birthday & Christmas cards she designed, together with drawings she did in her teenage years are also copied here. She also produced lots of stories, all illustrated and wrote many poems; she felt very deeply about everything and this comes out in so many of her poems. Angela also had large 'collections' of just about everything, which diversified and grew as she got older. She also kept 'unusual' pets - stick insects, ( which needed fresh privet leaves daily and had us all on many excursions up and down the street looking for them) locusts, giant hissing cockroaches, as well as ordinary pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, budgies and small parrots. She also bred many exotic tropical fish & goldfish over the years. When Angela passed the eleven-plus exam, the reward she requested was to keep chickens in the garden - bantams, to be exact. So we built a chicken house and a run for them. We all found them fascinating and they had individual names given by Angela; it turned out that chickens have personalities of their own. From then on, chicken was off the menu in our family. There was great excitement all round when the first eggs were laid, and in time the surplus eggs were 'sold' to her two grandmothers. Angela managed to get the chickens to perform a few tricks, and they won prizes for best kept and unusual pets at shows. Angela bred a few, so her flock grew, needing more chicken houses and runs! The girls went to ballet & tap classes and appeared in the various shows that were put on by the ballet school, these gave us much pleasure watching along with all the other parents.


Angela with her pet cockerel (Cocky boy)


Angela started school at the Ursuline Convent School in the reception class while four years of age. She soon proved to be a quick, avid learner: her rate of development increased in a number of areas. Angela tried hard to excel in everything she did, a trait which would last all her life. Her teachers described Angela as “good at everything” and an “achiever”.  She seems also to have been developing the characteristics which ensured a lasting popularity.  Girls who sat close to Angela in class regarded themselves as fortunate to be so positioned, partly because Angela was only too happy to be helpful, and also because lifelong friendships were formed. All through life Angela was, in an unaffected and natural way, a kind and generous spirit : she just liked being good to others.

From early days at school, Angela assumed a position at top of the class which continued for her entire school career.  We were very proud of our clever daughter, and derived great pleasure from watching her develop and accomplis: we were also fascinated by the depth of her feeling and understanding for so many things. We loved to look at her great blue eyes - she was always very pretty too - and listen to her expounding on one of her many great enthusiasms.  Everywhere we went, even strangers would watch and listen, quite spellbound, to her holding forth on some subject or other. 

When aged ten, Angela began to learn to play the piano. As in everything else she did, she would not be happy with second best. We all derived a great deal of pleasure from listening to her play, and Angela always achieved top marks in music exams.  One thing we remember very well was her determination to play the Minute Waltz in less than a minute: she did it, and played it very well too. Well remembered are some Chopin pieces, which she played like a professional. Angela said to us when much older, that she was glad she had taken up the piano, although like most children had to be persuaded to do her practice! ....although at the time she would probably have liked to be doing other things, she said it was a bonus to be able to sit at any piano and play later on in her life.

Angela practising


Angela carried on through school in her usual happy way, and took a full part in the life of the school. As O & A level GCE’s appeared on the horizon,   Angela brought her organisational skills to bear on her studies, worked hard and achieved ten top grades (this was before the arrival of GCSEs and coursework)! In the sixth form, Angela opted for science subjects, as well as becoming a prefect.  At some time she decided on a career in medicine, which helped to focus her efforts. She undertook voluntary work at the local hospital, and was offered places at The London Hospital and Royal Free Hospital Medical Schools; she accepted the former. She achieved top grades in Chemistry, Physics and Biology and duly took up her place at the London.

While all this was going on, Angela went through all the teenage years with friendships, boyfriends and generally enjoyed herself. She became a mod, went to dances and developed an interest in motor scooters (Vespas & Lambrettas). Angela & Claire both had scooters, and rode them all over the place, while Mike and I sat at home worrying and biting our nails!!   Claire sadly, inherited Angela's “collection” of scooters and keeps them in her garage at her house in Kent, one being Angela’s pride & joy a classic 60’s Vespa GS which had won a trophy at a show for best kept vintage scooter.



Angela with her 'first scooter'


written by sister Claire


By the end of the 70’s Angela was into bands like The Specials, Madness and the rest of the 2 Tone Movement.  She wore the black and white clothes and styled her hair like Farrah Fawcett. She was a proud ‘rude girl’ . This lead to an interest in certain types of 60’s music and the whole mod thing . Living in Ilford at this time was great because so many venues in the area were putting on mod events.  By age 15 Angela was attending mod all-dayers at the Ilford Palais  (soft drink only -  all day discos with bands) and occasional club nights at the Greyhound and the Regency Suite (homework & parental permission allowing). Gradually, she had to put up with me tagging along too. I always wanted to do what she was doing, ever since we were small! At this age Angela found it a bit of drag to have me along but as we got older it became a brilliant partnership!

At the Plough - 1989

On our way to Lowestoft at Easter. Our little car the Fiesta is in the background

with the doors open


By now (1986) Angela had already had a few scooters. There was a Vespa PK, a modern model which she was not too keen on and sold, a red Vespa 50 Special which is now in my garage, a Vega which she found too difficult to drive and her pride & joy-the Vespa GS (which she cannily swapped for a standard 100 she acquired from somewhere). The GS had a small fortune spent on it and looked fantastic. Angela had it reconditioned, re-sprayed, new tyres, new seat, the works. It won the prize for best vintage scooter at a mod rally in Gorleston in 1989. Angela was so proud! This is in my garage too-Angela was very attached to her scooters-she kept the GS in her front room in Manchester.


Fancy Dress party - 70's theme at friends house in london about 1988

Isle of Wight 1988

'Lovely luminous Hair'

By 1987 Angela & I decided to join forces and have a girly social life. We started going up to the mod clubs in London; Jools, The Bizz, Drummonds-there was something on nearly every night. Angela was working in Hammersmith at International Flavours and Fragrances (IFF) and she had a big salon for testing shampoos etc. I would come up after work (at a bank in Wanstead) and we would get ready there in Angela’s office. With our matching white/blonde bobbed hair we certainly stood out!
Soon we established ourselves as regulars on the mod scene. We made loads of new friends, met new boyfriends and generally had a hell of a good time. One weekend we were extras in a Moody Blues video at the Marquee. Afterwards we went for a drink with a few of the chaps who also took part. One of them in particular was totally smitten with Angela and they went out together for many years. (In fact, Angela was never short of admirers and suitors, though she was intensely loyal and never took advantage of her popularity). We spent our Saturdays at the tailors in Carnaby Street, London, getting measured for new suits, skirts or trousers and choosing fabric at Textile King in Berwick Street. Once we had matching suits made-black skirts and vest tops-Angela had red tartan on the vest back and in the skirts kick-pleats and I had green tartan. People called them our ‘British Caledonian’ suits.  I’ve got both of them now.


Lowestoft Rally 1989

We had our matching suits made at Charlies (tailor) on Carnaby Street London.

They were nicknamed our British Caledonian suits - our friends sang the song from the advert

"We wish they all could be Caledonian girls" like the Beach Boys song


Angela was getting really keen on collecting records and so we asked one the guys who ran some mod events if we could try-out as a DJ duo. At this time every Bank holiday we headed to the coast for a mod rally (3 day/night events of discos, scooters and socialising). We had our first go at dj-ing at Lowestoft in 1998 at an afternoon disco in the Royal Victoria Hotel. We were so keen that we turned up before the venue was open. We hid behind a wall when the organisers turned up because we didn’t want to look unsophisticated or overly eager for being so early! We laughed so much and wondered what we were doing, would we make complete fools of ourselves? We were really nervous so we divided tasks-I chose a selection of records and Angela cued them up (DJ speak!) and did the talking on the microphone. We were lucky that by now we knew so many people that, even though it was early afternoon, they danced to our set. We did an interview on the video recording of the event-we were a bit of a novelty being the only female dj’s and Angela was on top form in the interview (I have a copy but cannot bring myself to watch it-though I remember she was hoarse from yelling over the music and shouting down the microphone) Our success there led to more dates being offered and we went on to DJ at more rallies and some London clubs too. We were really proud to have our names on the tickets and posters-we were known as The Bevs (like the Beverley Sisters-some bright spark came up with this and it stuck). We were not particularly professional though–one night as we got out of a taxi at mum & dads at about 3am Angela asked me to give her the record box. After a frantic search of the seats and floor we concluded that neither of us had it. We had left it in the street in Walthamstow where we had waited for the taxi (too many ciders!). Miraculously, when the taxi took us back, it was still there; hundreds of pounds worth of vinyl, sitting on the pavement outside a pub.
When Angela went off to Manchester I tried to DJ alone for a while but my heart wasn’t in it. This was our thing and it was no fun on my own. I turned down further invitations.

In blankenburg/Belgium 1989


Angela’s decision to go to university gave me mixed feelings that are hard to pick apart now. I felt proud that she had this opportunity-she deserved it. I was frightened for her-all those new people and I wouldn’t be there-would she be alright? Angela was petite, sweet and kind-she brought out a protective instinct in most people and I was no exception. I was fiercely protective of Angela and didn’t like the idea of me not being around for her. And I felt resentful- I didn’t want her to go, I wanted her to stay and for things to stay the same. I didn’t want to deal with this change. Still, we were growing up (now in our early-mid twenties) and Angela was moving on to the next stage in her life.


Angela is wearing sunglasses and has her arms around little Sean who is kneeling

with his tongue out! I'm on the extreme right with my sunglasses on and my 'future husband'

Dominic is on the left in a blue and white shirt



After going to Manchester, Angela came back to stay with us frequently. Whenever she came to stay we invariably found ourselves throwing a party because so many people would want to catch up with her while she was in London. She also came on at least one rally a year. On one of these during the summer on the Isle of Wight she nearly got the whole lot of us (about 120 people) slung out of a holiday camp because she was practising her wolf howls at about 2 in the morning from the undergrowth around the camp perimeter. After I had assured the search party that in fact it wasn’t a real wolf or a maniac and persuaded them to put down their torches, garden forks etc and abandon the search. I found Angela asleep in a comfy grassy knoll oblivious to the rumpus that had been going on! In spite of such goings on-or perhaps because of them-everyone was always delighted to see her on the rallies or at any time. Her popularity was genuine and long-lasting. 



On the seafront at Ryde, Isle of Wight August 1994

scooters about to go on the ride around the Island




Angela started at Medical School but after some time, came to the difficult decision that medicine was not the career choice she wanted, so after much thought she left the course. She started working, giving every job she had all her energy and commitment. She found a lovely flat in Richmond which proved in the end so expensive to stay long term. How we missed having her at home, and were glad when she moved back for a while. By this time Angela had decided that she would like to return to university, so started to save all her money towards her costs at university. She had interviews and offers of places at Bristol & Manchester Universities to study Biology, Geology & Palaeontology, all subjects Angela adored, especially Palaentology, her passion since childhood. After visiting both universities and checking out all the facilities each one offered, she chose Manchester for the Joint Honours course. She loved Manchester and found everyone there including all the Professors and lecturers such a happy, relaxed bunch.

So off went a very happy, much wiser Angela to Manchester to start her degree course. We remember so well the day we all went up there, the car crammed with all her clothes, books, bedding, loads of food etc., to settle her in her student room. Little did we know then that Angela would remain for the rest of her life in Manchester. She worked hard, and was generous in her friendship, joyfully sharing her energy and enthusiasm to help and inspire her fellows to achieve. She took full part in 'university life', joined all sorts of clubs and throughly enjoyed herself. We are so proud of our Angela who graduated with a First Class, Joint Honours Degree in Biology & Geology, which she throughly deserved.

After graduating Angela, who by then had met her fiance at university, decided to stay in Manchester and start her 'new life'. In time they brought a small house in Didsbury Village, Manchester, which they both set about decorating and re-decorating many times! Angela was so proud of her little house and looked after, with her usual energy & enthusiasm, the needs of all who lived in their street. She would represent & speak on behalf of her neighbours at Council Meetings. Angela took on big companies such as Marks & Spencer and Tesco, to ensure that when constructing new shops nearby, they had to take account of the interests of householders. Angela also made sure no rubbish was left any where near the houses, and even arranged that trees were planted to screen the view of supermarket buildings. Angela was so fair herself, hated injustice and expected all people to treat each other with respect, courtesy and dignity. She seemed to have a wonderful way of engaging people, they listened, and always agreed with whatever she was suggesting or asking for. We used to watch her talking to people and they all seemed 'spellbound', listening to her every word. Angela was never one to hold back, if something was happening she would intervene, be it helping someone, stopping an injustice or taking charge of a situation when others just stood by. One incident that always makes us laugh, and Angela remembered with embarrassment, happened on a tube train: Angela was on her way to work sitting in a crowded carriage, when a large moth flew in the train and fluttered near the window, trying to find a way out. A man in his 30's rolled his paper up and was trying to whack the moth and laughing as he was doing so! Angela told us that she jumped up, grabbed his paper and starting hitting him over the head saying " how do you like it then, leave it alone you bully!" The man did stop though! but said to her "sit down you daft cow." Angela by then realised everyone was looking at her, not that she was really bothered, but next stop she moved to another carriage to be on the safe side! Another time she 'rescued' a large chicken that was running about in the car park of a hotel: it must have fallen off a lorry. Angela had stopped for a coffee on her way to a business meeting, as she was a bit early. The poor chicken was dodging all the cars coming and going, but nobody was doing anything to help it. Angela jumped out of her car, enlisted some help from the hotel staff to stop the cars, caught the chicken (she had a wonderful way with all animals), went into the Hotel asked the Manager to find a large box. Angela finished her coffee, put the terrified chicken safely in the box, had a good wash and brush down as she had on a very good suit. She phoned a friend who had a small holding and only lived a few miles from the Hotel, deposited the very lucky chicken with her friend who released it in it's new home and Angela made her meeting on time and feeling very pleased, especially for the chicken...

Angela was a beautiful person, kind & very thoughtful. She had a wonderful mind and personality, a very giving nature together with so many different talents. We miss her beautiful smile, her infectious laugh, her big blue eyes, her chatty wonderful stories that had us all enthralled. We long to hold her again, we want her to be with our family, to see her neices and nephews grow up, to share the world again....But we are so grateful that we had her for as long as we did and we have so many wonderful memories of our beautiful, precious & clever Angela....

God Bless Sweetheart xxxxxx



As Angela was brought up as a Catholic, we had a Requiem Mass in the church where we had been married so many years ago, and where Angela was christened as a baby. Many of Angela's friends, past and present attended, arrived from as far away as America, to pay their respects and grieve for their 'special' friend. Angela always kept in touch with all her friends, even from infant school days: she was an avid letter writer and later an e-mailer. Like most bereaved parents, memories of this dreadfully sad and terrible day are not recalled easily: we do remember when, as with grieving, heavy hearts we stepped out of the funeral car to go into the main large middle door of the church, all her friends (and old 'boyfriends' ) had lined up outside the main door, in two lines opposite each other, and we walked down the middle of them towards the door..a beautiful memory... Relatives, neighbours, friends and nuns & teachers from the Ursuline convent were already inside the church.....

After the mass we made our way to the City of London Cemetery & Crematorium, where another short service was held. There, amid many tears of anguish and pain, we said our last goodbyes to our precious Angela.....

We arranged for all the many beautiful floral tributes, that had been sent in Angela's Memory, to be brought back to our house. We kept all the personal family flowers, and those of her good friends, in our garden and later took the rest over to our local cemetery, laying them on those many childrens' graves dotted about the cemetery, that hadn't been visited for some years. We wanted to keep everything on this day very much personal to Angela, so decided that after the services we would like all who attended to come back to our family house, where Angela had spent most of her life. As her funeral was in March and the weather still on the cold side, and with so many people coming, we knew we would never be able to 'fit them' all in our house, so we had to hire a marquee! usually done for happy family occasions, and I'm sure we must have been the first people ever to hire one for a funeral!! One of Angela's schoolfriends runs a successful catering business and she did all the catering for us, looking back on this heartbreaking day, I just don't know how we managed to find the will and strength to do all this, but somehow you do .......

This beautiful butterfly wreath was from one of Angela's very special friends and her family whom we have known since Nursery School days.


About 6 months after we lost Angela, I had an idea of trying to create a memorial for all our children who have died. This would be for everyone's sons & daughters everywhere, whatever their ages & beliefs. Perhaps a focal point for bereaved mothers to meet and talk about their precious children. I contacted Dr. Ian Hussein, Director of the City of London Cemetery to discuss the idea with him, and asked if it could be located in his large, very well run secure cemetery. Ian thought it a wonderful idea, and kindly agreed to provide one of the beautiful Victorian Angel statues to form the centerpiece of the monument. (They have many of these angel statues that have had to be removed from unsafe crumbling grave monuments). After various meetings over the years with Heritage committees, Dr. Hussein & his colleagues, together with our fundraising ventures, wonderfully supported by so many friends from TCF, we are now nearly there!

Angels are spiritual beings appearing in many faiths including Christianity, Islam and Judaism and symbolize love and protection. Because they span several belief systems, their form provides an ideal Memorial.

I have included a link below to the web page






A couple of weeks have passed since Angela's funeral but I still can't believe she is gone. In fact, her spirit is so strong and pervasive it will always be felt and remembered.

The funeral speeches were very accurate and moving, expressing just how special and unique a character Angela was and how loved she is by everyone who has met her. She certainly enriched my experience at Manchester. Her knowledge at natural history and passion for palaeontology was infectious and certainly helped towards me getting my First Class Degree, as Angela did. Angela's 'First' has never been better deserved.

My thoughts are with you



My thoughts are with you at this painful time. I have very fond memories of Angela when we were at school together. These will stay with me forever.

Love Audrey


There are no words to describe the loss you must feel. Angela was a beautiful, positive and popular person. She'll be greatly missed.

Our thoughts and strength are with you

Love Maz, Maro & Mia


I am so sorry to hear the tragic news, it seems incomprehensible to imagine what has happened. Angela was such a lovely, happy person, always smiling. I last saw her about 3 years ago when we enjoyed reminiscing over our schooldays, and so regret we did not meet more often.

I have been thinking of you all and can only begin to imagine the level of your grief.

My thoughts are with you, with love Anne.


I was really sorry to hear of Angela's death. I have known her since schooldays and we met up again in Manchester. I have such positive memories of her. She was such a creative and talented person. She was an amazing raconteur and some of the things she told me will stay with me forever - whether stories of Medical School or of chalk-boarding in Manchester pubs.

It is such an absolute waste that she should die so young.

My thoughts are with you



I am shocked to hear the dreadfully sad news about Angela. All my thoughts are with you at this time.

Angela and I studied art A level together and I thought she was such a lovely, gentle person - I never heard her say anything except kind positive things. I'm so sorry about your loss and just wanted you to know that I and many of Angela's school friends are praying for you all.

Love Laura


I am so terribly sorry to hear of the death of Angela. She always talked about you both and her sisters with such fondness and she knew that you loved and cared for her very much.

Angela was my good friend. I shall miss her her very, very much. Our conversations were always filled with laughter, we could flit from one subject to another with such ease. She inspired me so with her enthusiasm for life, her many interests and hobbies. She was the cleverest girl I knew and yet she was the most simple and child like in spirit. I loved her pure heart and joyfulness and I loved and valued her friendship.

I was so glad that I could make it to her funeral, I really needed to be with others who knew her and were grieving for her too. Amidst the grief though there was a strong sense of thanksgiving for Angela's life. All the kind words and memories said and unsaid helped me to bring to mind the qualities that I loved in Angela and to realise that many, many people have also experienced these and have been better people for them.

My thoughts and prayers are very much with you, may god bless you and your family.

Love Agnes

(Agnes was one of Angela's oldest friends from schooldays, they kept in touch regularly)


What a hard letter this to write. I am in complete and total shock at the news about Angela, stunned disbelief. I can't even begin too imagine how devastated you feel.

As you obviously know Angela was truly extraordinary. I am so grateful that my Surname begins with 'T'. We were always sat in alphabetical order at school, so Speakman and Turpin got to sit next to each other. How many wonderful, fond memories I have. Angela had the kindest, warmest heart and such a cheeky smile. The Biology lessons, especially the field trips were such fun with Angela around I remember one trip making our way through the wood with Angela making such convincing cockerel noises that we had the class running and searching for this cockerel that we had allegedly seen!

My last memories of her are at my wedding in Barbados. She looked so beautiful and happy and in the early hours of my wedding night Angela and I walked to the pontoon in the middle of the sea (wedding dress & all) and chatted drinking wine.. and looking over my shoulder as I threw my bouquet of flowers and seeing Angela catching it.

In my life I have been an HR Manager and met and interviewed thousands of people. I can safely say that Angela was one of those rare, fully contended, happy people who had a real love of life. She was the most wonderful, radiant, extraordinary friend. I will really miss her, like all of us.

Much love & prayers go to you both and Claire & Julia

Lots of love


(Gloria was another very close friend)


I was so sorry to hear about Angela, it was such a shock. I wanted to write and send my sympathies to you both and Angela's sisters at this terrible time.

I remember fondly both from the Ursuline and from college and I wanted to tell you what a genuinely nice person I thought she was. I will miss her. I will always remember Angela's love of animals and gift in drawing. When I think of her I remember her drawing dragons in her maths book.

She was a lovely girl and always kind to me and a good friend. I hope it helps a bit to know what a special person Angela was to me. I still use a pattern I copied from Angela in handwriting class when still in Infant school with Sister Angela; when I paint ceramics or other crafts and think of her whenever I use it.

My thoughts are with you all



I'm so sad and shocked to hear of your loss of Angela. I have very fond memories of times spent at school - she was always the brightest in the class, very individual and we both shared a common love of animals.

My thoughts are with you



I've been meaning to send this card for some while, but every time I go to write it I'm lost for words. There are so many things to say, deep sorrow, regret to not have seen Angela for a while, how could this happen to someone so wonderful, but my words all seem so insufficient. But when I think of her I always smile - such fantastic stories - such fantastic memories!!

with all our love

Alina, Doug, Isobel & Charlie


I have such vivid memories of Angela, from her wonderful drawings to her warmth and as a highly intelligent person. She will be missed by all who knew her and my prayers and thoughts are with you all.



I was so sad to hear about the loss of Angela. I'll always remember Angela as a wonderful person. It's awful she has been taken so early but she brought happiness to so many people. Although we drifted apart over the years I can honestly say it has been a privilege to have known Angela.

with love Karen


From Angela's next door neighbour in Didsbury

'It was such a pity to meet you both in such sad circumstances at Angela's funeral, but comforting to see how loved Angela was by so many of the people who knew her'

Angela was a lovely neighbour to have. She was a very constant presence next door and on sunny days like today it is so quite without hearing her pottering about. Not only was she so kind and generous, she also made great efforts to look after our street, working with the Residents' committee to ensure that planning regulations were adhered to and the area was kept clean. She always did this in a cheerful and enthusiastic way, and was never bossy or censorious. People I hadn't even met before have stopped me in the street to tell me how upset they are.

Please be assured that we have you and Angela very much in our thoughts here in Didsbury.

with best wishes



Dear Mike & Frances

Myself and Emmalou are close friends of Jason and knew Ange very well. (we moved into their flat in West Didsbury when they brought their house) I counted Angela as one of my close friends. I was so glad that we spent our time with Ange on our last weekend. Jason has spent a lot of time with me over the last months and we have helped each other remember those great times - what a lady!

I believe Ange was 'put here' to change my perspective on life and add sensitivity to my character, which she did, making such a difference to who I am now. I remember her with great love and repect. I'm so so sorry to hear how very hard it has been for you, but of course not surprised. I can only hope in time, you can return to 'enjoying' your lives as this is what I believe Ange wanted from us all.

Yours with love and smiles

Nick & Emmalou







I knew Angela and met her when I was a Mod in the 1980’s

She was a very special person and I am honoured that she chose me to be her friend.

I attended her very moving and sad funeral and cremation at the cemetery.

Her loss has affected me in many ways and a day has not gone by when I have not thought of her.

I could not begin to explain that on an email but if we meet up I will explain how I felt about her and what has happened to a part of my life since.

Received from Christopher this year on Angela's Anniversary Day in February 2007



Dear Mr & Mrs Speakman

As Angela's former University course tutor it is with shock and much sadness that I heard this week of Angela's sudden death. I do send my sympathies and condolences to you and the family at this sad time.

Although now retired, I will always remember her as one of our star graduates, full of charm, energy and so many talents with so much to offer to everyone. Her written work and artistic talents were a delight to behold. We shall all miss her greatly.

Assuring you of my thoughts and prayers


Dr. John Pollard






Some of the money from Angela's Memorial Trust Fund is dedicated to the Angela Jane Speakman Prize which is awarded to the student who shows the greatest aptitude in Palaeontology, in the Earth Science Department at Manchester University. It is awarded at the Graduation Ceremony.

The prize was set up in treasured memory of Angela by her family and friends: it gives us great comfort knowing she is remembered in this way. A photo of Angela hangs in the Palaeontology Teaching Laboratory, where Angela studied for her degree. Mike & I were there for the 'unveiling ceremony'. Each year we are invited to attend the ceremony and award the prize, but so far we have only been able to' bring ourselves' to attend in 2005,as it is a very emotional journey.



Angela's Memorial Trust Fund was started shortly after she died: it funds various charities that were dear to Angela's heart. In August 2003, 6 months after died all her friends from pre-uni days held a Music night (Rhythm & Blues) in London with all the proceeds going to her Trust fund. It was a very emotional evening, especially for Claire & Julia. Lots of the people who attended were also Claire's friends. Claire had spent weeks putting together a huge collage of photo's together into a huge frame, of all the friends having good times during the past. It was lovely seeing Angela's smiley face with them all, but heartbreaking too..... Angela always had a life-long concern for the welfare of all animals so we put most of the money towards buying a 'unit' at The Folly Wildlife Centre Project which is in Tunbridge Wells Kent. The centre is a wildlife rescue trust which admits thousands of animals and bird casualties each year, providing veternary treatment, after-care and rehabilitation back to the wild. It also operates an educational programme.

A young mistle thrush hand-reared at the centre


The Trust Fund also supports many projects that UNICEF undertake in all parts of the world especially children orphaned through HIV/AIDS in Ethiopa. Other charities are the Rays of Sunshine that help terminally and seriously ill children by either granting their wishes or supplying them with the equipment they urgently need. Also the Trust supports 'The 21 Club' which is held in a school hall, fairly near to where we live, for Down syndrome children and their parents who get the opportunity to meet up and share their experiences of their very special children with each other. It goes towards the hiring of the hall and equipment. The Fund supports Leukaemia Resaearch and other charities. Angela was always concerned for others and supported and gave freely to charities during her liftime.




Thoughts written down on Angela's Anniversary in 2006


Never again to see her beautiful smile

To hold her tight in our arms

A kiss of hello, or a wave goodby,

To hear her voice, to smell her perfume

Never Again


Never again her chatty phone calls

That lit up our day,

Her large, bright blue eyes that shone and sparkled,

Her infectious laugh, her sheer joy of life

Never again


Never again our joyous Christmas's

Holidays and Birthdays together,

Too many things without her

Our life never, ever complete without our

ANGELA, our star, our life

Never again.





Dedication of Memorial Angel
At the
City of London Cemetery
Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park, London E.12 5DQ.   020 8530 2151

26th  APRIL 2009 at 1 p.m.



Five years ago, after the death of our much loved grown up daughter Angela, we had the idea for an Angel Memorial. We wanted to create a memorial for all children who have died, for everyone’s sons and daughters everywhere, of whatever age and belief, a focal point for bereaved parents to meet and talk about their precious children. The City Corporation, which is responsible for the cemetery, supported the idea and kindly agreed to locate the Memorial Angel in its very well run and secure cemetery. The cemetery management and staff kindly helped and the cemetery's Heritage Advisory Panel made available a beautifully restored Victorian Angel statue for the monument.  Following various meetings over the years with the cemetery management, together with our fundraising ventures, wonderfully supported by family and friends from The Compassionate Friends, the Angel Memorial is now sited and ready for the inauguration ceremony on  Sunday 26th April 2009.

It is hoped that many will attend the ceremony and that the Memorial, which overlooks the Baby Garden, will bring some comfort to grieving parents with the knowledge that they are not so alone in their sorrow and the memory of their children will always be cherished.

















The Dedication and unveiling of the Memorial Angel on Sunday the 26th April went perfectly, the sun shone all day, lots of friends, many from TCF all attended and it was indeed a very emotional and memorable day, for us and all the bereaved parents who attended.

The Service was beautifully, conducted by The Reverend Peter Smith


the Vicar of Aldersbrook and Assistant Area Dean of Redbridge.

After the welcome Mr. Phillip Everett

Director of Environment Service for The City of London Corporation gave a short talk about policy of adapting the needs of the Community, of which the Memorial Angel is an example.

My husband Michael Speakman then spoke of the needs of bereaved parents of how today the anguish of parents bereft of a child is less understood than perhaps it was in times past, and that generally speaking, the only people who can understand are others who have suffered the same sorrow. The sense of isolation that arises from the perceived lack of understanding contributes to the suffering. The compassionate Friends bridges the gap, enabling bereaved parents to contact one another in order to share in their grief and sorrow and provide mutual, truly understanding support. Mike thanked all those who's efforts had enabled completion of the Memorial Angel - The City of London Corporation Director Dr. Ian Hussein and his staff, The Rev. Peter Smith, fundraisers from TCF and other friends and family and to me for providing the inspiration for the Memorial.


Finally, we had the unveiling and laying of floral tributes, many from bereaved parents and following this The Rev. Peter Smith gave a deeply appreciated homily, a message of love and hope before dedicating a blessing of the Memorial.

Afterwards we all moved to a marquee, where refreshments were served and people sat in the sunshine and chatted. The Memorial Angel shows bereaved parents that they are not, and need not be alone in their sorrows and their precious children are remembered and cherished.





Back in February of this year, it was decided by friends of Angela's ( Wendy & Keith) who organised the above music night that all the proceeds of the evening would be going to Angela's Memorial Trust Fund, and be giving to a charity of our choice. It was a great evening, lots of dancing and with many of Angela's friends attending from far and wide. A wonderful sum of £540 was given to us for Angela's Fund which we are very grateful and much appreciative and we would like to thank all of you who supported this. We, decided to donate £400 of the money to the Smile Train Charity a wonderful organisation who carry out surgical repairs for cleft lip and palate in 75 of the worlds poorest countries. Our Angela had such a beautiful smile we wanted other children to have the chance of smiling again..

below are some words from the Development Manager

From looking at the memorial website it seems that Angela was a very special person. I hope that you and your family can take some comfort from knowing that in her memory children around the world will be smiling for the first time.

Below is some information about the Smile Train




Unlike many charities that do many things, The Smile Train is focused on solving a single problem: cleft lip and palate.

Clefts are a major problem in developing countries where there are millions of children who are suffering with un-repaired clefts. Most cannot eat or speak properly, aren't allowed to attend school or hold a job and face very difficult lives filled with shame and isolation, pain and heartache. The good news is every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as £150 and takes as little as 45 minutes.

This is our mission:

- To provide free cleft surgery for millions of poor children in developing countries.

- To provide free cleft-related training for doctors and medical professionals until there are no more children who need help and we have completely eradicated the problem of clefts.